• Welcome to Angel Aquarium!!!
    Welcome to Angel Aquarium!!!
  • Ground Pets
    Ground Pets
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    Flying Pets
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    Aqua Pets
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Welcome To Angel Aquarium

In world of pets, love & care is the only language that they can understand. To give the best experience of pet care to Coimbatore , we started ‘Angel Aquarium’. Now ‘Angel Aquarium’ became one of the best place in Coimbatore to buy your pets which include aqua pets, ground pets and flying pets.Here you can find wide range of fish and their foods, bird and their feeds,dogs and dog feeds, all aquatic accessories, pet medicines etc.,We have imported tanks and accessories from the leaders of Aquarium products across the globe. We do tank settings and service for home, industries and workstations. The shops works from 9.30 AM to 9.30 PM all the days in a week. We proud to have thousands of happy customers all over Tamilnadu. We specialize in Live Fish and all Pet Products.Angel aquarium features expert grooming, tropical fish, pets and accessories for nearly every kind of small animal.

Our Pet Showrooms feature a custom designed clean air ventilation system as well as Ultraviolet Light air purification. These systems provide complete air exchange and purification, while virtually eliminating all bacteria that causes odor and germs. Angel Aquarium continually invests in the latest technologies so that we can bring you the healthiest pets possible.

Visit the shop once and then you will become the longtime customer of Angel Aquarium.

Angel Aquarium

Ground Pets

Ground Pets we sell!!!

  • Aharlequin
  • Rabbits
  • Beagle-Dog
  • Dalmatian
  • Dachshundnew
  • Miniature_pinsche
  • Great-Danes
  • Pug Dog
    Aqua Pets

    Aqua Pets we sell!!!

    • Amphilophus
    • Chicago
    • goldfishzebra
    • Ghost
    • FlowerHorn
    • Guppies
      Flying Pets

      Flying Pets we sell!!!

      • Amazona_aestiva
      • Cocktail
      • Parrots
      • LoveBirds
      • Yellow Ringnecks
      • Collared_Lories_taveuni

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