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The Crocodile Fish is an unusual fish aptly named for its camouflage markings and patient, predatory behavior. In the wild, this ambush predator inhabits flooded forests or stagnant peat swamps of Southeast Asia. The natural habitat of the Crocodile Fish is a soft, acidic environment dense with live and fallen vegetation. Within these leafy and typically stained waters, the Crocodile Fish relies on its subdued coloration and disruptive markings to blend seamlessly into its environment.The Crocodile Fish is sensitive to improper water quality and requires soft (low mineral), acid (low pH) water. The ideal aquarium setup for the Crocodile Fish should be aquascaped heavily with roots or driftwood. Live plants are another great addition for this setup. While proper water quality is crucial, water movement should be kept to a minimum to best recreate natural conditions for the Crocodile Fish. A tight-fitting cover for the aquarium is also recommended since the Crocodile Fish is a jumper.