Arowana Fish

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The arowana is a prized fish to have in an aquarium for people who appreciate Asian culture and feng shui especially, but it is also endangered. It has a similar appearance to a Chinese dragon, which is thought to bring luck and wealth to anyone who owns it. There are several different species of this fish that naturally occur throughout the world, though the habitat for each is very similar.There are species of Arowana that live on several different continents around the world. A few live on the continent of South America, mainly in the Amazon river. Some are from countries in Asia including Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. One species is from Africa, where it can be found in several different rivers and lakes. A few are also from Australia.Most arowanas live in rivers and swamps, although they can also be found in lakes and river drainages. They especially like dark-water rivers that are slow moving. They usually stay in the open water sections, and usually near the surface of the water so that they are able to feed on their prey more easily. They are always in freshwater. Some rivers that they can be commonly found in are the Amazon when it floods, and the drainage of the Nile.