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one of the few social channa species ,is know to hang out and hunt in groups , in aquaria they do well in groups as youngsters but soon start squabling amoung each other as transformation from juvinile to adult takes place , however many people have succesfully housed a group together into adulthood , temperament between the micropeltis and other fish is very good when in juvinile stages but as the fish grow they tend to become mpre aggresive , and any addition to the allready established tank is useally killed very swiftly , strangley fish that have grew up with the micropeltis are sometimes ignored and accepted as part of the group ,but if this fish is anything it is unprodictable ,and it would be foolish to house anything you where attatched to or indeed was expensive with this fish.the tempreture range of this fish is from upper sub-tropical to tropical and is best maintained at around 25-30deg.This habitats in rivers lakes canals and resivoirs ,useally found in still water , unlike some of the dwarfs this species is thought to very rarley if at all leave the water and try to move accross land