Macaw Parrot

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Macaws are often described as people’s “dream bird;” that is, the companion parrot they would have if only they owned a home, had a spouse who was as into birds or had the resources to afford the extra-large cage and unending supply of destructible toys macaws need. For the most part, they are correct in holding off on these giants of the parrot world. The macaw’s larger size means a louder vocal volume, and its large beak can be downright intimidating, especially to nonbird people. Their size not only warrants shopping for a cage at the far end of the size scale, but their long tail feathers require a cage that is tall as well. Simply put, you must have the space for this big bird. Before you start thinking that anyone wanting a macaw must be crazy, consider what typically draws people to them. A well-socialized macaw can be affectionate, yet ready to rumble if in a playful mood. You’ll get satisfaction in knowing that the toys you buy for your macaw will not be ignored, especially those incorporating wood elements. Blue & gold, scarlet, green wing, military and hyacinth, to a lesser degree, are the macaw species you’re most likely to encounter as pets, and all are native to South America.